Python Doc Idiocies

“keep this under your pillow”

  1. Python Doc Problem Example: os.system
  2. Python Doc Problem Example: os.path.split()
  3. Python Doc Problem Example: sort()
  4. Python Doc Problem Example: gzip
  5. Python Documentation Problems
  6. Python Documentation Author Masturbation
  7. How to Improve Python Doc; Notes on Rewriting Python Regex Doc
  8. Why Python's Documentation Sucks
  9. Python Poetry: the __main__ Stanza
  10. perldoc Coming of Age, What Python Can Learn From?
  11. Examples of Quality Documentation in Computing Industry
  12. Python Doc Links Dead
  13. Python Doc Links All Dead
  14. Python = Pretentious Sheet

Why Python Suck

doc by dummies, Technical writing at its worst

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