Python 3 Adoption

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Python 3 Adoption 2018-08

as of 2018-08-25, majority out there are still using python 2.

python 3 lib support 2018-04-11 5a440
Python 3 lib support, as of 2018-04-11. This means 5.3% of top 360 libs still don't support python 3. [image source]

Grumpy, Python to Golang Compiler

Google is killing python all together. Google created a tool converting their python 2 to golang, called grumpy

grumpy python to golang 87a6c
Grumpy, python to golang compiler

[see Golang Tutorial]

Python 3 Adoption, 2017

python 3 adoption 2017 0ozmh
python 3 adoption 2017. From dev survey by jetbrains, maker of PyCharm editor. [image source]
python 3 adoption 2018-08-25 0adc6
python 3 libs download, as of 2017-12-28 [image source]
programing in python 8
programing in python 8

Python 2 end of life is 2020. By then, python 3 might be declared dead. Python 3 is killing python. No adoption.

[see Python: Learn Python in 1 Hour]

[see Python 3 in 1 Hour]

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Python 3 Adoption, 2016

python 3 market share 2016
Python 3 download statistics, 2016. [Python 3 in 2016 By Hynek Schlawack. At , accessed on 2017-07-30 ]
python 3 libs percentage 2016 12 43785
python 3 libs percentage as of 2016-12. [Adopt Python 3 By Dibya Chakravorty. At , accessed on 2017-07-30 ]

python 3 is going nowhere.

The changes from 2 to 3 is rather small, but it's not trivial to port any sizable code to python 3. Because, coding is just hard. You usually don't want to touch code that works.

also, new languages are cropping up like crazy, unforseen when python 3 was started.

golang, meant to replace C and C++, is instead eating into python users. Instead porting your project for no money, you probably better off coding go or haskell or ocaml for more fun.

Python 3 Adoption, 2010


Some notes of Wikipedia readings related to Python.

Unladen Swallow, a new project from Google. It is a new python compiler with the goal of 5 times faster than the de facto standand implementation CPython. Also note Stackless Python, which has already been used in some major commercial projects.

Was looking into what's new in Python 3. See: From a quick reading, i don't really like it. Here's some highlights:

Am looking because i wonder if i should switch to python 3 for my own few scripts, and rewrite my Python Tutorial for version 3. Am also interested to know how python 3 is received by the computing industry. Apparently, a little search on the web indicates that vast majority of python base have not switched, as expected, for many good reasons. Vast majority of major python modules and tools have not switched. Most linux distro have not switched, i don't find any large corporation having adopted Python 3 (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, NASA,… ). sources:

Basically, such a incompatible change with trivial, ideological improvements, is too costy to switch.

I wonder, if by 2015, will most large corporate users have switched to python 3. I give it a maybe. In today's Proliferation of Computing Languages, such a major antic by Guido can just hurt itself. What is he thinking? He of course thought himself as a god of lang designer, who sincerely wants to push towards perfection, all future-looking. Unfortunately, the tens of other major language designers all think similarly.

See also: Python: Learn Python in 1 Hour

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