Unicode Jargon “Code Point” and Notation U+03B1

By Xah Lee. Date:

One of the idiocy in Unicode is the term “code point”. [see What is Codepoint (Character ID)] It should be called “character id”, or just id.

Also, the standard notation for Unicode is this “U+03B1”. The 3B1 is a hexadecimal for 945, which is the char GREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA α. Hexadecimal should be ban'd. It should be decimal instead. Because we human work better with decimals, and it's also easier to type, and easier in programing languages. So, for example, to say a Unicode char “U+03B1”, we'd say “Unicode id 945”. There's no advantage of “U+03B1”. Btw, hexadecimal doesn't save digits neither, it saves at most 2 digits. [see ID System, Number Base vs Number of Digits]