History of Programing Culture. Watcher Auto Run, Ruby, Javascript, Nodejs, Rvm, Npm, Deno.

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Now, let me rant some rants impromptu, about this auto running on file change. Just ignore if no value 🙂. Now, the auto run a program, when it detect file change, began i believe with ruby around 2008, with the ruby on rail etc community. Then it spread like wildfire, to all other langs. I think it's particularly useful in js webdev. Also associated, with 'unit test' of the agile/eXtremePrograming corp scam, that made it widely popular. The theory was, any code must have unit test, that even u should write unit test before coding code. And also, ruby, i believe began the movement of auto template/structure creation, what they call scaffolding. That is, before u begin a project, u just run a command, then it creates a whole dir structure, make file, config file, etc, elaborate, for u. Now, ruby the community, is very much associated with js community. They, both r milengen langs. They bootstrap each other. So, that's the background, of the 'check file change auto run' workflow, i believe is roughly correct. Now, the idea, of auto run something when file changed, seems reasonable and good. However, i for some reason never see a need or find myself using, even though at times i thought i should try. But if we look at the issue, what if, instead of something auto detect file change and run, what if u can just manually press one single button and have things run? So now, the difference is, just that 1 single button press. And, you are in control. That's pretty much what i adopted. In emacs, of course. There is no program, running in background, that runs in a loop to check if a file changed. There is no elaborate install, config the watcher, run the watcher, stop the watcher. There is, just 1 single button press. Say, f1. Well, that's not fair. Because, of course, u have to write this manual thing first, with config, etc, what file is source, which program to run, with what args, etc. And, u need emacs, and elisp expertise. (or, just use someone else's emacs package. Not sure there's a emacs package for manual run. But pretty sure there's emacs package watcher. But, then, it's trivial to change it into a manual run and bind a key to it.).

rant extra: never use rvm. it's skum. never use node js. use deno instead. and never use npm, it's worst skum of them all. Not just the tech, but the corp, leader. .

Is Deno really any better? If so, why?

it's created by ryan, who created nodejs. he left node, thinking it's done. but it got corrupted by that npm creator. the npm is technically crap, and the creator is a fuckhead skum. then, after some 8 years, ryan saw the error of his ways, created deno. and ryan the person, i deem, a great man. integral. and also, a superior programer. he knows what he's talking about. now, on tech detail, deno, is 1 single binary. no config hell, no config shit, comes with builtin libs modeled after golang, and also compiles ts.

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