Which Programing Language Has Best Documentation?

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Which Programing Language Has the Best Documentation?

with respect to overall practical effectiveness of the doc (easy to understand, easy to find topic or function, correctness, sample code for frequently needed use cases), the following are the best docs, each have different style and organization.

Java's doc is one of the earliest, supremely BEST technical writing in the computing industry, since 1995. Truly professional.

Also PHP, Of 2000s example. Best, but in a very different style, mostly, it's the MOST practical doc of all, entirely based on what user needs to do in practice.

Python doc, is the worst shit possible. The Guido van Rossum idiot, GREATEST low iq among lang creators, has a penchant on a pseudo formality. Lots words, lil info, and python doc is half-assed organized to guido's idiosyncratic notion of python's computation model, no concern about practical programer whatsoever, and almost no examples at all, because the Guido idiot has a sense of comp sci R us pretension, examples r beneath them.

Worst Programing Language Documentations

hard to understand, hard to find what you need, misleading or confused writing:

Open source wiki style docs, if without care, are often the worst. Mozilla's doc for JavaScript, is of this nature. For about 15 years, it is the world's most incorrect, error-ridden, random joe open source fanatics dunno what they talking about , open source fanaticism intermixed, shit.

2018-08-15 Have scoured the golang package docs.


Of 20 years docs reading obsession, i declare go's best. Clarity, concision, organization, consistency. The doc is so nice that makes you want to try every package!