Which Programing Language Has Best Documentation?

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

2018-08-15 Have scoured the golang package docs.


Of 20 years docs reading obsession, i declare go's best. Clarity, concision, organization, consistency. The doc is so nice that makes you want to try every package!

How to Eval a Tech Doc?

((ease of understanding) × correctness + (good code examples)) / (number of words)

Which Language Has Best Doc?

with respect to overall practical effectiveness of the doc (easy to understand, easy to find topic or function, correctness, good sample code) , i rank them roughly

golang ≻ Mathematica ≻ php ≻ java ≻ ruby ≻ clojure ≻ python ≻ perl ≻ emacs lisp ≻ git ≻ linux man page

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