Programing Language Documentation Styles

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Worst Writing Styles of Programing Language Documentation

The worst programing books are those that:

• Verbose intro tales, author personal rambling. Official python tutorial and documentation of this ilk. [see Python Documentation Problems]

• Spurious language comparison. [see Python Documentation Author Masturbation]

• Unnecessary use of hip jargons. [see Jargons of Software Industry] [see Jargon REPL and Hackers]

• Juvinile jokes, hacker humor galore. For example, unix man pages. [see Tech Writing and Unix Humor]

• Engineering practice patronization, telling you about patterns, agile, unit-test. Official Java Tutorial circa 2000 is epitome of this ilk. [see Official Java Tutorial on Interface, the Inanity]

• Idiom institution. Telling you how you should write your code. Perl books are epitome of this ilk. [see Perl Books Survey 2002]

• Gratuitous computer engineering info on compiler-this-that, singing of stacks, references, memory and CPU architecture, “garbage collection”.

Good Documentation Style

There several good doc styles. One of them is: to the point, concise, precise, full of examples.

Here are some of good examples of this style:

[Go by Example By Mark Mcgranaghan. At , accessed on 2016-08-23 ]

Go look. See its simplicity.

Another excellent example, is PHP documentation.

[see Examples of Quality Documentation in Computing Industry]

and JavaScript Book by David Flanagan, and Man-made Complexity in Computer Language

Another excellent one is

[An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language By Stephen Wolfram. At ]

see also

and in general, Mathematica's documentation by Stephen Wolfram.

Xah Tutorials, Simple Style

My tutorial is mostly written in a simple style too. check them out: