Emacs 29 (Released 2023-07)

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Emacs NEWS Files


New commands for inserting Emoji. They have Ctrl+x 8 e prefix key.

describe-mode now shows minor modes list to bottom

describe-mode now shows global minor modes list to bottom.

emacs 29 describe-mode 2023-08-05 DdcV
emacs 29 describe-mode 2023-08-05 DdcV

help-mode now shows keybinding in monospace font and with border.

emacs 29 describe-mode 2023-08-05 xBhR
emacs 29 describe-mode 2023-08-05 xBhR

by default on Microsoft Windows, the monospace font used is bitmap courier. very ugly.

new variable major-mode-remap-alist , now easier to remap modes.

when t, you can edit variable value when using describe-variable.

to edit, press e at the value point.

(setq help-enable-variable-value-editing t)

Alt+x help-quick shows a short cheatlist of keys.

emacs help-quick 2023-08-21 K8zg
emacs help-quick 2023-08-21 K8zg

help buffer, type i to jump to emacs/elisp manual e.g. Alt+x describe-function dired, then press i.

Emacs 29 Byte Compile Unescaped Single Quote Warning

revamp on keybinding functions


you have to install grammar files.

new modes using tree-sitter:

Eglot Interface for Language Server Protocol (LSP)

Eglot package is now part of emacs. eglot. this is mostly for emacs lisp coders to write major modes using LSP.

author is João Távora (aka joaotavora) https://github.com/joaotavora/eglot

misc notes

here's some collection of articles related to it.

misc notes

variable. If true, prevent auto-composition of characters around cursor.

This means you can edit composed unicode chars such as emoji with skin color. e.g. Unicode Variation Selector

(setq composition-break-at-point t)
Buffers that switch-to-prev-buffer and switch-to-next-buffer should skip. new in emacs 29.

2023-06-26 thanks to this reference i have used. [Emacs 29 is nigh! What can we expect? By Lucien Cartier-Tilet (Aka Phundrak). At https://blog.phundrak.com/emacs-29-what-can-we-expect/ ]