Famous Emacs Users

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Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth uses emacs

Donald Knuth emacs screen 1994 GdnQ
Donald Knuth emacs screen 1994. Showing emacs, TeX, Mathematica. from [https://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/screen.jpeg]
An experimental line-oriented color mode for Emacs (August 2000) knuth_color-mode.el
Sample Fvwm2 Config File
The emacs-oriented desktop layouts I use on my home computer to write books; these also need icons zero.xpm, one.xpm, two.xpm, three.xpm (May 2000, updated December 2007)
my6x13.bdf and my6x13B.bdf
TeX-oriented bitmap fonts that I use for text editing with emacs

[2018-10-10 from https://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/programs.html ]

Julian Assange of wikileaks

emacs Julian Assange window el 45ec3
emacs credit to Julian Assange in window.el package

[see Richard Stallman meets Julian Assange 2013]

Yukihiro Matsumoto (aka Matz) (Ruby)

Guido van Rossum (python)

python Guido van Rossum use emacs 2018-10-09 9207d
python Guido van Rossum use emacs [source https://mobile.twitter.com/gvanrossum/status/756566983462629376]

you can see references from python documentation especially early versions, where emacs is mentioned. e.g. adopting emacs unicode declaration -*- coding: utf-8 -*- in file first line, and mention how python's inline doc formatting convention is different from in emacs function convention.

Jonathan Blow (game Braid, Jai language)

Jonathan Blow emacs 2021-11-15
Jonathan Blow emacs https://www.twitch.tv/videos/820854910

Simon Peyton Jones (haskell)

simon peyton jones emacs
simon peyton jones emacs

Rich Hickey (Clojure)

• Clojure's Rich Hickey. (appears, look at his video presentations. It seems all are emacs.)

Joe Armstrong (Erlang)

Erlang  Joe Armstrong emacs 8a30c
Erlang Joe Armstrong emacs [source [ https://twitter.com/joeerl/status/1047225426802876416 accessed: 2018-10-09]]

Alexander Stepanov (generic programming)

Alexander Stepanov emacs 4FGs
Alexander Stepanov. Efficient Programming with Components: Introduction Part 1.

Andrei Alexandrescu (D lang)

Andrei Alexandrescu (1 of 2 creator of D lang)

Andrei Alexandrescu - best text editor

Daniel Stenberg (curl)

Daniel Stenberg, most famous as author of the web page fetching tool curl.



I haven't said it here before, but I feel I really should. I've been an avid emacs user since I started to learn it back in 1991 on emacs 18. I worked at IBM with their RS/6000 machines at the time and I learned C on AIX with emacs as my editor.

[2022-05-06 from https://daniel.haxx.se/blog/2009/01/08/emacs/]

Here's Daniel Stenberg using emacs

libcurl video tutorial: simplest
Dec 3, 2019
Daniel Stenberg

Stephen Wolfram (Mathematica)

• Stephen Wolfram used emacs, at least in the 1990s (from internal company communications 1995, he had asked emacs question) but i think now just Mathematica.

Separate note, Mathematica used to support emacs keybinding in the 1990s.

Brendan Eich (JavaScript)

• JavaScript Brendan Eich used to emacs, but switched to vi.

JavaScript Brendan Eich  emacs ba603
JavaScript Brendan Eich emacs [image source [ https://twitter.com/BrendanEich/status/1047299774213439488 accessed: 2018-10-09]]


thx to ag for the thread [ https://twitter.com/iLemming/status/1047250128099192832 accessed: 2018-10-02]