Intro to Mindmap, Gantt Chart, Graphviz

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here's a intro to mindmap, gantt chart, graphviz, for those of you like org mode, todo list, schedule, task management, etc.

See also: Emacs: Outline, org-mode

mind map

mind map is a tree diagram that helps visualize concepts or tasks.

mind map 30e41
mind map

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart is a type of bar chart. This type of chart is designed for project management.

Gantt Chart 0f59a
Gantt Chart


graphviz is software to generate “network/graph” diagrams, typically boxes connected by arrows. Input is text file, output to svg, png, etc.

The major power is automatic layout, and can have hundreds of nodes.

graphviz fsm 5v42k
graphviz fsm

Home page at

dot language

dot language is the input format used by graphviz.

It's pretty simple. Wikipedia has a good summary. DOT language



org-mind-map convert org file (example: the headings) to tree diagram.

this is not good. To fix first error, you need

;; 2019-01-12
;; needed to call org-mind-map.el
(require 'ox-org)

then you have this error

string-trim: Wrong type argument: stringp, (statistics-cookie (:begin 5010 :end 5016 :value "[2/4]" :post-blank 1 :parent (paragraph (:begin 5010 :end 5031 :contents-begin 5010 :contents-end 5031 :post-blank 0 ...) #0 #("research diary
" 0 15 (:parent #2)))))


taskjuggler is a software for project management. apparently, it creates complicated gantt chart. Input is a text file. There are emacs modes and org support.


org-taskjuggler is org mode support for taskjuggler.


org-gantt is part of org mode. It converts org file to gantt diagram.