Xah's Web Dev Blog Archive 2013-05

AutoScroll on Linux Google Chrome Browser

slight update. How to Embed Video with Valid HTML

the W3C group removed the “hgroup” tag in HTML5. Updated: HTML5 Tags Complete List (thx to XueFuqiao)

updated. HTML5 Video Tutorial. (thx to XueFuqiao)

Google Plus UI tiny comment box 2013-05-17
new Google Plus interface, featuring the claustrophob box.

See: User Interface Design: Peepshow Windows

updated. JavaScript: Fade a Element Fixed a Google Chrome bug. See the tip at bottom to StackOverflow on a interesting JavaScript Google Chrome issue.

The Unfortunate Fate of Music MIDI File

The “pre” tag idiocy. Programing Language Design: Syntax Sugar Problem: Irregularity vs Convenience

updated with HSL color values. CSS Color Names

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