Xah Guide on Programing the Kinesis 360 USB

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This page shows you how to program the Kinesis 360 keyboard, the USB wired version. (NOT THE PRO VERSION)

I give you the simple, condensed, how-to guide.

for detail, you should read the official documentation.

kinesis 360 20230510 H3rX2
Kinesis 360 Keyboard

Download Kinesis 360 Manuals, Firmware Update, SmartSet App

the manual is the official info.

Three Ways to Program the Keys

On-The-Fly Programing
just press keys on the keyboard. Best for simple key remap or recording key macro. Most easy to do. Do not require launching any software. Some advanced features cannot be programed this way.
Using SmartSet Software
graphical user interface. easy, but the software is klunky.
Direct Programing
edit a text file of key syntax. most precise and most capable, but require some study and skill learning the key syntax.

The SmartSet Key

The SmartSet is the SmartSet key, it is located on the right-module, left of 6.

it is used to program the keyboard.

kinesis 360 kp key NqMns
kinesis 360 kp key
kinesis 360 smartset key FRvxs
kinesis 360 smartset key

LED Light Indicators

3 Indicator LEDs lights on each side.

kinesis 360 LED Indicators 2023-05-10 H6TvX


Caps Lock | Current profile | Layer


Num Lock | Scroll Lock | layers for {base / numpad / fn }

Right-Module, Layer LED Color code:


A profile is a set of configuration.

Switch Profile

Switch Profile and Color LED Indicator
triggerLeft-Module Middle LED
SmartSet+0light off.
SmartSet+1 white
SmartSet+2 cyan
SmartSet+3 green
SmartSet+4 red
SmartSet+5 blue
SmartSet+6 yellow
SmartSet+7 orange
SmartSet+9 pink


3 Default Layers.

Remap Key

How to Remap Key

  1. Switch to a programable layer. (e.g. By press SmartSet+1)
  2. Press SmartSet+ to start record.
  3. Press a key to record it in memory.
  4. Press the key that you want to be the trigger for the recorded key.

Key Macro

How to Record a Key Macro

  1. Press SmartSet+. (The LEDs will flash rapidly.)
  2. Press the trigger key (a single key, or key combination). (The LEDs will now flash slowly.)
  3. Type your key macro sequence.
  4. When done, press SmartSet to exit Program Macro Mode.

Note: When recording a macro any remapping you have done will be active, but you cannot "daisy chain" or embed one macro within another.

Remove a Key Macro

  1. Hold SmartSet and press . (The LEDs will flash rapidly.)
  2. Press the trigger key (or key combination). (The LEDs will now flash slowly.)
  3. When done, press SmartSet to exit Program Macro Mode.

Keyboard Status Report (Firmware Version, etc.)

  1. Open a text editor. (on Microsoft Windows, press win key and type notepad)
  2. Switch to the profile 0, by pressing SmartSet+0
  3. Press SmartSet+Right Shift+Right Ctrl+/
  4. Keyboard status will be inserted as text.
kinesis 360 status 2023-10-23 xqRd
kinesis 360 status 2023-10-23

Open V-Drive

V-Drive is a storage device inside the keyboard.

Press SmartSet+ (Indicator LEDs flash blue while the drive is open).

on Microsoft Windows, press ❖ Windows+e to open the folder viewer. You'll see a new USB disk.

kinesis avd360 drive 2023-11-04 bhhmW
kinesis avd360 drive 2023-11-04

Eject V-Drive

on Microsoft Windows, you need to first eject the drive.

kinesis avd360 drive 2023-11-04
kinesis avd360 drive 2023-11-04

Close V-Drive

then, press SmartSet+

Howto Update SmartSet Engine Firmware

Direct Programing of the Keyboard

xah layout

this is dvorak.

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard