Groups: A Path to Geometry

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groups a path to geometry by R P Burn book
Groups: A Path to Geometry by R P Burn. Buy at amazon

there's this book Groups: A Path to Geometry by R P Burn. I bought in year 2000.

I never got time to read it. When i bought it, i thought, i really want to understand the subject.

today, picking it up, haha, i understand all of it.

not bad for magically reading book in 15 years.

i don't like the book though, because it's exercise based. That is, it teaches, primarily by giving you exercises to work thru.

i always hated exercises of textbooks and skip them. I want to learn the gist of things, with lots examples, and i know when i understand or not understand a thing. Most exercises are just reading comprehension test, which i do not need. For those advanced exercise, i don't need neither, because i'd rather solve problems i need to solve. There are lots problems in real world to solve.

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