Math and Geometry Books

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O, math, my true love, how i have alienated thee, and you being quite difficult.

here's some of my remaining math books.

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That [ Regular Polytopes, by Coxeter Buy at amazon ] is a classic.

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Some of the books am particular fond of. They are:

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[Mathematical Thought From Ancient to Modern Times , Volume 2, by Morris Kline. Buy at amazon]. This is classic. The treatment is rather advanced, for mathematicians. i.e. in volume 2 and 3, you should know the modern math to appreciate the text fully.

here's the list of other titles in the picture.

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[Number Theory and Its History 1988 by Oystein Ore. Buy at amazon] Øystein Ore (b 1899 to 1968) is a well-known mathematician. This book is actually written in 1948. It covers mostly number theory before modern analytic number theory. Øystein Ore

Plane Curves

The plane curves books are:

For books on plane curves, see Plane Curves Books

Math Books