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O, math, my true love, how i have alienated thee, and you being quite difficult.

here's some of my remaining math books.

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That 〔 Regular Polytopes, by Coxeter Buy at amazon〕 is a classic.

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Some of the books am particular fond of. They are:

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the 〔 Tiling and Patterns 1986 By Branko Grunbaüm, G C Shaphard.〕 is a classic, and the essential reference in the field. One of a kind actually. It went out of print, but recently Dover reprinted it.

tiling and patterns
Tiling and Patterns By Branko Grunbaüm, G C Shaphard. Buy at amazon

The definitive book on tiling and geometric patterns, this magnificently illustrated volume features 520 figures and more than 100 tables. Accessible to anyone with a grasp of geometry, it offers numerous graphic examples of two-dimensional spaces covered with interlocking figures, in addition to related problems and references.

Suitable for geometry courses as well as independent study, this inspiring book is geared toward students, professional mathematicians, and readers interested in patterns and shapes ― artists, architects, and crystallographers, among others. Along with helpful examples from mathematics and geometry, it draws upon models from fields as diverse as crystallography, virology, art, philosophy, and quilting. The self-contained chapters need not be read in sequence, and each concludes with an excellent selection of notes and references. The first seven chapters can be used as a classroom text, and the final five contain fascinating browsing material, including detailed surveys of color patterns, groups of color symmetry, and tilings by polygons. The authors have also added a new Preface and Appendix to this second edition.

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〈A New Kind Science〉 by Stephen Wolfram Buy at amazon 〔〈Encyclopedic Dictionary Mathematics 2〉 Buy at amazon

Notes on A New Kind of Science

here's the list of other titles in the picture.

Visual Complex Analysis, by Tristan Needham. Visual Complex Analysis 〔►see Geometric Transformation on the Plane

probably best Visual Complex Analysis book for programers.

Not my taste though. I love visual, but not his writing style. The writing style, is rather sloppy, illogical, appeal to “intuition”, inpure, drags in physics.

but if you are not plagued by formal logic, you prob love it.

see also, book on plane curves. Printed References On Plane Curves

see also Free Calculus Textbooks

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