Beauty of Roots

By Xah Lee. Date:

depth of the universe lies here.

polynomial roots crops
roots of complex polynomial. 1500×1061 Source: [Beauty of Roots By John Baez. At , accessed on 2013-09-24 ]

the pics are beautiful, but that's not it. The real beauty is the math, and Baez's explanation of it. (there are lots of pretty pictures of math on the net, most are shallow and tired, even doing harm to math)

this article, will take you days to study. Nay, weeks. Nay, months. Well, can't be wrong to say years or a few lifetime.

i must say, this is the most amazing math i've read in perhaps 5 years.

polynomial roots closeup
roots of complex polynomial.

btw, it took 4 days of Mathematica to compute these roots.

the full resolution image on the site, is 94 M bytes. Some image viewer on linux have problem opening it.

be sure to read it. [Beauty of Roots By John Baez. At , accessed on 2013-09-24 ]

There's a webGL version at by carlos scheidegger.