Great Software for Cellular Automata

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This page is a collection of software i have used that are related to Cellular automata and Artificial life.

Golly (Game of Life)

Golly screenshot

Golly by Andrew Trevorrow and Tomas Rokicki. I've seen quite a few game of life programs since 1992, Golly the best. macOS Windows Linux (2007-09)


HyperRogue 2020-04-12 pyg66
HyperRogue 2020-04-12

This is HyperRogue, the following settings (configured via commandline) select the manifold/tessellation/rules featured in this animation:

"-viz -caprob 0.2 -smart 2 -calive 49 -mineadj 1 -canvas 101010 -geo Bring -gp 7 4 -W Cellu -c0 0001 -c1 0011 -c010 00011 -c110 00111"

Browser version:

if you want to play a bit more, see namespace ca in .

Hexagonal Generative Art

Hexagonal Generative Art by Charlotte Dann 52463
[Hexagonal Generative Art By Charlotte Dann. At]


Cellebration (cellular automata) Java

Cellebration by Mirek Wojtowicz plays ~12 types of Cellular Automata. This Java applet plays many types of CAs. The complete source code and binary are available for download.

modernca (cellular automata)

The site features CA gallery using Java Appletes. By George Maydwell. Java

cellular automata Java

2002-05: many good cellular java appletes programs written by computer science students on a CA course. Includig cellular automata on triangular and hexagonal grids, as well as some regular tilings. Professor is Carter Bays.

Tiled CA (cellular automata)

Tiled CA by Brian Prentice 9b864 Windows Tiled CA by Brian Prentice