Great Software for Cellular Automata

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This page is a collection of software i have used that are related to Cellular automata and Artificial life.

3D Flocking simulation

[2021-02-01 ]
by Ankit Solanki (aka techcentaur)


HyperRogue 2020-04-12 pyg66
HyperRogue 2020-04-12

[2020-04-12 ]

This is HyperRogue, the following settings (configured via commandline) select the manifold/tessellation/rules featured in this animation:

"-viz -caprob 0.2 -smart 2 -calive 49 -mineadj 1 -canvas 101010 -geo Bring -gp 7 4 -W Cellu -c0 0001 -c1 0011 -c010 00011 -c110 00111"

Browser version:

if you want to play a bit more, see namespace ca in [2020-04-12 ] .

Hexagonal Generative Art

Hexagonal Generative Art by Charlotte Dann 52463
[Hexagonal Generative Art By Charlotte Dann. At]


Golly screenshot

Golly by Andrew Trevorrow and Tomas Rokicki. I've seen quite a few game of life programs since 1992, Golly the best. macOS Windows Linux (2007-09)

Fluid Simulation

Fluid Simulation by Pavel Dobryakov 2019-12-27 d32my
Fluid Simulation by Pavel Dobryakov 2019 [2019-12-27 ]


xah a new kind of science 2015-s278x225
Notes on A New Kind of Science

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