Great Software For 2D Visualization of Geometry

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This page lists some fun software for visualization of geometry in 2D.

Hyperbolic Tesselations

a Hyperbolic Tessalation
Partial screenshot of Hyperbolic Tesselations Applet.

Hyperbolic Tesselations Applet is a Java applet that draws hyperbolic tilings. Superb! By Don Hatch. Home page: Java


MagicTile screenshot. Each tile is a tile of Rubik's cube, represented by a stereographic projection. Clicking on different areas permutes the colors in different ways.

MagicTile by Roice Nelson. This program lets you play Rubik's cube represented thru a Stereographic Projection. It also has lots of other Magic Polyhedron variations, all steographically projected. Too bad is that the software show only the projected 2D image only, not the actual 3D projection scene. Home page: Win


MoebApplet screenshot

MoebApplet, by Paul Murray. This Java applet does real-time interactive Mobius transformation. If you are studying Mobius Transformation, this is the best applet for it. You can drag the fixed points, the poles, and a few other critical points in the plane and see the image change as you move. Home page: Java


NonEuclid screenshot
“NonEuclid” by Joel Castellanos.

NonEuclid by Joel Castellanos. It is a free software for drawing hyperbolic geometry. Its function is similar to Geometer's Sketchpad except it is not real-time interactive. Elements cannot be dragged around once drawn. The program comes with a tutorial on hyperbolic geometry. Home page: Java

Space Jewels

Space Jewels screenshot
Space Jewels

Space Jewels is a Java game, where you drive a spaceship in hyperbolic space to collect jewels. Author is Matthew Cook (born 1970). Home page: He has a write up Java


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