Great Software For 2D Visualization of Geometry

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Klein Quartic

Arnaud Chéritat klein quartic 2019-11-04 grz4j
klein quartic, by Arnaud Chéritat 2019-11-04

Phase Plot

phase plot 2019-07-15 zs88z
Phase Plot 2019-07-15 By Jim Fowler

Complex Plot

complex plot david bao 2019-11-04 vbzjy
Complex Plot David Bao

local copy Complex Function Graph Viewer


magictile roice nelson 2018 47274

MagicTile Windows macOS Linux

MagicTile by Roice Nelson. This program lets you play Rubik's cube represented by Stereographic Projection.

See also: Stereographic Projection


NonEuclid by Joel Castellanos 2018 33578
NonEuclid by Joel Castellanos

NonEuclid by Joel Castellanos. It's for drawing hyperbolic geometry.

If you have a question, put $5 at patreon and message me.

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