Single-click Open File

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Double-click is from the 1990s. It should be ban'd. Here's how to setup single-click to open files, for {Microsoft Windows, Linux}.

You need to stick with it for a week. I first tried it for few days, got annoyed, switched back. But after a month i gave it another try, and this time stick with it. Now i've been using single-click for 6 years, am happy with it.

Microsoft Windows

To turn on single-click in Windows, just go to Control Panel, Folder Options.

Windows folder options
Windows folder options

Turn on checkbox for selecting files.

Windows file selection checkbox
Folder Options. (In “Control Panel”, then “Folder Options”. (Windows 7 and Vista)) You can also turn on a check box visual indicator for file selection.


Linux: Set Mouse Single-Click to Open File

How to Select Single File

Hover mouse over item will automatically select it.

How to Select Multiple Files

To select multiple files, hold down Ctrl and hover or click.

Mouse Hover Auto-Raise Window

Linux: Mouse Hover to Auto-Raise Window.

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