Windows: Single-click Open File

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Double-click is from the 1990s. It should be ban'd. Here's how to setup single-click to open files.

You need to stick with it for a week. I first tried it for few days, got annoyed, switched back. But after a month i gave it another try, and this time stick with it. Now i've been using single-click for 10 years, am happy with it.

To turn on single-click in Windows, just go to Control Panel, Folder Options.

Press ❖ Window+r, then type “control panel” to open it.

Windows10 Control Panel 2021-01-28
Windows 10 Control Panel

Double click “File Explorer Options”

Windows 10 folder options single click 2021-01-28
Folder Options, single click 2021-01-28

Turn on checkbox for selecting files.

Windows 10 folder options checkbox 2021-01-28
Folder Options, checkbox 2021-01-28
Windows Vista folder options
Windows Vista, Folder Options
Windows file selection checkbox
Windows Vista, Folder Options. Turn on a check box visual indicator for file selection.

How to Select Multiple Files

To select multiple files, hold down Ctrl and hover or click.

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