PowerShell: Split String

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💡 TIP: Operator names are case-insensitive.

Operator: -SPLIT

str -Split delimiter

Return a Array.

  • delimiter is a string, can be multiple characters.
  • by default, delimiter is case-insensitive.
  • by default, delimiter is interpreted as Regular Expression.
  • The delimiters are removed from string. To include them in string, add parenthesis around it. e.g. "(,)" splits string by comma, but include it in the result array.
"a,b,c" -Split ","
# return array of a b c 
# split, but include the separator
"a,b,c" -Split "(,)"
# return array, of 5 elements
str -Split delimiter, max
  • Split up to max count. Rest of string is concatenated as last element in array.
  • max value of 0 means return all.
  • A negative max gets strings from the right.

when including delimiter in result, the delimiter does not count towards max count.

$x = "a b c" -Split " " , 1
Write-Host (1 -eq $x.length)
# True

$x = "a b c" -Split " " , 2
Write-Host (2 -eq $x.length)
# True
str -Split delimiter, max, options

Options is a comma separated string, of one of the following

  • combination of
  • SimpleMatch
  • IgnoreCase
  • combination of
  • RegexMatch
  • IgnoreCase
  • CultureInvariant
  • IgnorePatternWhitespace
  • ExplicitCapture
  • Singleline
  • Multiline
# example of ignore case
$x = "1A2A3" -Split "a", 0 , "IgnoreCase"
Write-Host $x
# 1 2 3
# example of not using regex
$x = "1.2.3" -Split ".", 0 , "SimpleMatch"
Write-Host $x
# 1 2 3
str -Split {ScriptBlock}

Use a script block.

str -Split {ScriptBlock}, Max

Use a script block with Max


Case-insensitive. Same as -Split.



-Split str

Split string by whitespace such as space, tab, line return char.

Return a Array .

-split "cat dog"
-Split (str1, str2, etc)

Split multiple strings. Return a single array.

$x = -Split ("a b", "c d")

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