Ruby References

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
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The Ruby Programming Language By David Flanagan. Buy at amazon

This is the best.

By the same guy who wrote JavaScript the Definitive Guide. [see JavaScript Book by David Flanagan, and the Man-made Complexity in Computer Language]

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  1. Ruby Basics
  2. Doc Lookup
  3. Print Version String
  4. Unicode 💎
  5. Quote String
  6. Quote Long String
  7. Format String
  8. String Operations
  9. True, False
  10. If Then Else
  11. Loop
  12. List
  13. Loop Thru List
  14. Hash Table
  15. Function Optional Parameter
  16. Map f to List
  17. Complex Numbers
  18. Intro to Reading Ruby Doc: What's M, C, ::, # ?
  19. Predefined Global Variables
  20. What's RVM, Gem, Rake, Bundler, RDoc, ri, irb?