Deno: Intro

By Xah Lee. Date: .
Deno logo 2021
Deno logo

Deno is a great JavaScript compiler, TypeScript compiler, and runtime engine.

With Deno, you can run JavaScript or TypeScript like a shell script in terminal.

Deno is created by Ryan Dahl, the same guy who created node.js in 2009. but nodejs became corrupt over the years, so Ryan Dahl created created a better version called deno in 2018.

Download and Install Deno

Download Deno at

Run Deno Interactively

deno js 2022-06-13 5cv36
deno js 2022-06-13 5cv36

Run Deno as As Script

deno run test.js

Run Deno in Emacs

For emacs users, you can eval the JavaScript code in a buffer directly. See: Emacs: Run Current File 🚀