Last Public Video of Steve Jobs: Jobs Presenting the Apple Circle Building

By Xah Lee. Date:

Steve Jobs, plans to create a new building for Apple. The building is a giant circle, 4 stories high. With capacity to host 12k people. Here's his presentation to the Cupertino City Council

Steve Jobs looks gaunt. He's 56, 13 years older then me. I watched him since 1990. We all get old.

Steve Jobs Presents to the Cupertino City Council,

One thing interesting about this video is that, normally, he does presentations at tech conferences, or to stock holders. Of which, he freely peddles and brags, to a large audience, from hundreds to thousands. However, here, the atmosphere is different. His audience is just a handful, and they are city councils. It's almost like a defendant vs several judges. However, his job here is still pitching, like a salesman.

Note: just a month after this presentation, Jobs announced that he quits CEO, and Jobs died on .

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