Steve Jobs 3 Months Before He Died

By Xah Lee. Date:

Steve Jobs, plans to create a new building for Apple. The building is a giant circle, 4 stories high. With capacity to host 12k people. Here's his presentation to the Cupertino City Council

Steve Jobs looks gaunt. He's 56, 13 years older then me. I watched him since 1990. We all get old.

Steve Jobs Presents to the Cupertino City Council, 2011-06-07

One thing interesting about this video is that, normally, he does presentations at tech conferences, or to stock holders. Of which, he freely peddles and brags, to a large audience, from hundreds to thousands. However, here, the atmosphere is different. His audience is just a handful, and they are city councils. It's almost like a defendant vs several judges. However, his job here is still pitching, like a salesman.

Note: just a month after this presentation, Jobs announced that he quits CEO, and Jobs died on .

Steve Jobs and Apple