Worst Apple Designs

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truly. I think Apple failed to lead innovation since Steve Job's gone. Steve's innovation is useful. What Apple's doing in recent years is the old tech geeking. Tech that's looking for a problem to solve.

apple mouse charging bda31
Apple Mouse charging
apple pencile charging 4xoLw
Apple Pencile Charging

what Apple's done that sucks?

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Apple dongle hell
apple dongle hell 2018-08 4858e
Apple Dongle Hell [image source https://twitter.com/halletecco/status/1025342989940547584]
Apple dongle hell in real life n6QKX
Apple dongle hell in real life [image source https://twitter.com/theneutrina/status/1025536703178653696]

it's a sad story. Alternative is Microsoft Windows, which sucks, and much less privacy. Then there is linux, which is pretty much unusable. The problem we have is greed $ and open source ideology on both extremes.

world would be better if people simply solve problems by practical result based approach. no ideology.

Steve Jobs and Apple