Adjust Your Google Ad Preferences, or Opt Out

By Xah Lee. Date:

You can adjust your Google Ad preferences, or Opt Out, at

here are my interests according to Google:

Demographics - Age - 25-34

Demographics - Gender - Male

In my history of using the internet since 1995, i think on average i've clicked a ad perhaps 3 times a year. So, i gather most of these info google found about me is rather from what i've written, from my Google Blogger and my other websites. (Google is pretty good in knowing what websites you ran, even if it's not one of Google's services.)

Funny Google got my age wrong. Am 43. It's in my Google profile and lots places. About half of the interest are wrong too. I just write about them occasionally, that's all. For example, Google thinks i'm into “Arts and Entertainment - Movies - Drama Films”. Actually, as far as movie category goes, i'm more into scifi.

Another example: i have absolutely no interest in “Shopping - Apparel”, and absolutely hates “American Football”.

The items it got right are computing and academic stuff, and i'm quite into them.