Internet Explorer Anime Girl

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Internet Explorer anime girl silhouette
Internet Explorer coming soon to AFA 2013 (AFA = Anime Festival Asia)

Internet Explorer anime girl, Inori Aizawa (Japanese: 相沢いのり, Chinese: 藍澤祈).

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Internet Explorer anime girl, Inori Aizawa
Internet Explorer anime girl profile
Internet Explorer anime girl

Her name is Inori Aizawa, and she's a super girl.

Here's a video of her fighting the bad guys.

Internet Explorer anime girl fighting mecha
Anime Festival Asia Special Video — featuring Inori Aizawa
(Inori Aizawa (Japanese: 相沢いのり, Chinese: 藍澤祈) is a anime character, Internet Explorer mascot.)
Video created by Microsoft Singapore, dedicated to all anime fans worldwide in celebration of Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013.
Internet Explorer anime girl at desk
note her keyboard, that's the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. And her tablet, obviously the Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface Pro Review
Internet Explorer anime girl 54357
Internet Explorer anime girl Inori

Silverlight Girl Aizawa Hikaru

Inori Aizawa has a sister, Hikaru Aizawa (藍澤光).

ms silverlight girl taiwan
Hikaru Aizawa (藍澤光). Microsoft Silverlight “Virtual Ambassador”, Taiwan
Silverlight Hikaru Aizawa 2021-12-15
Silverlight Hikaru Aizawa 2021-12-15
Microsoft Silverlight promo video Taiwan. The girl is named Aizawa Hikaru. Year 2010

Note the tender age, high-pitched voice, corporatism, marketing, regional cultural norm.

Hypocorism: 1. A name of endearment; a pet name. 2. The use of such names.