Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

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Microsoft has a new keyboard, a Batman Keyboard. Amazing.

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Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard
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Ergonomic Design Features

Here's interesting points:

  1. Keys split into 2 groups. Saves your wrists from bending.
  2. Large Alt and Ctrl keys. Great for Emacs.
  3. The Alt is positioned under the thumb (between x and c). So, simple thumb curl can easily press it.
  4. The left Alt and right Alt are symmetrically positioned. That is, their distance to f and j are the same. This means, the right side of modifier are also easily usable without moving your hand.
  5. Split space bar. This solves a major problem of the previous model the Microsoft Natural 4000, which got a stiff spacebar.
  6. Thin profile, with chicklet keys. This may not be good for prolonged typing.
  7. The number pad is now separate. Excellent. This makes the keyboard smaller, yet number pad is still available.
  8. Reverse tilt. Excellent. No more up-bent wrist.


It is wireless, via a USB transceiver.

• no charger. You'll have to buy standard battery charger yourself.

• the battery door on keyboard and mouse are both using magnet for attachment.

This keyboard is using AES Encryption in wireless transmission. So, it should be protected from a well-known hack called KeySweeper. 〔➤see KeySweeper, Sniff Passwords from Wireless Keyboard

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• the detachable tilt bar is also using magnet, not some hooks and fits.

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Overall, this is a major innovation.

Here's more photos.

Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard
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the mouse isn't that good, if you are a finger-tip gripper. Note that finger-tip grip gives you most precise control of the mouse, with minimal energy. For me, finger-tip is least RSI, because you just nudge, push, contact the mouse for a few second. While with the palm grip, your whole palm is to cover the mouse, and your arm is used to move it.

the mouse has 2 extra buttons for thumb. That Windows logo is a button. Below it, is a invisible button for browser previous page.

Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard
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Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard
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Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard
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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse 6000

For the mouse, you can buy it separately Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse 6000


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