Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard (2013)

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Microsoft has a new keyboard, a Batman Keyboard. Amazing. This came out in 2013.

At night lying on bed in heat of political argument, i started to plug-in my mechanical switch keyboard, then wife woke: “what the fuck are you doing?” So, am reviving the wireless rubber dome sculpt. Avoiding the wrath of wife.

ms sculpt kbd 20210306 0777s
Microsoft sculpt keyboard Buy at amazon 1855×1391

Total Key Count: 88 keys on the main board and 20 keys on the separate number pad.

Main features:

IMG 20210306 132156267-s1200
MS sculpt keyboard and Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 2015. 2016×1512
ms sculpt kbd 20210306 0108s
ms sculpt kbd 20210306 0108s 1855×1391
ms sculpt kbd 20210306 2635s
ms sculpt kbd 20210306 2635s 1855×1391
MS sculpt kbd numpad 20201129
Number pad is a separate unit, included.

Ergonomic Design Features

Interesting points:

Typing Experience

The ergonomic design is great, but the key feel is much inferior to mechanical switches. [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms] It's too stiff for my liking, requiring about 70g force to press.

Also, the Escape key, and all the function key row F1 to F12, are super stiff. More stiff than the letter keys.

I do not recommend this keyboard if you need to type a lot. [How Many Words Do You Type a Day?]

Detachable Front Tilt Bar

ms sculpt kbd 20210306 2577s
Front riser. Excellent. No more up-bent wrist. Overall, this is a major innovation. 1855×1391
MS sculpt kbd bottom 20201129
The removable front-riser is attached by magnet. Does not come off by accident.
MS sculpt kbd bottom 20201129 P7M8z
The detachable front-riser bar is using magnet. Snap on/off easily.

Video Review

Review of Microsoft sculpt keyboard and story of my Repetitive Strain Injury
clips from Xah Talk Show 2020-12-02 emacs Sentence Lines, my RSI, Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard, Function Keys

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse 6000

this mouse is sometimes bundled. You can buy it separately.

ms sculpt keyboard 20191112-s-s
1382×1843 [photo by p'undrak]

Buy at amazon

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Internet Explorer Anime Girl


For bluetooth version, see

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