Microsoft Surface Pro

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Swapped my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 with roomate's Surface Pro 4. He needed gaming, i needed portable.

Truly impressed by Surface Pro. Especially with the pen. I find myself using it, not the touch keyboard nor the “typecover” keyboard. One thing interesting is that it can hover a cursor sans touch, like mouse pointer.

Now i can draw, write random notes in cursive style, and draw math graphs, or annotate screenshots. It's like a new dimension.

Surface Pro 4 151-s1270x953
Surface Pro 4 4032×3024
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft Surface Pro

Drawing on Surface Pro

Here's a Japanese artist using surface pro to draw.

pixiv SketchとWindows10で寺田てらが「描いてみた!」 in Windows Innovation Day - pixivision

Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface Pro Pen

As of 2018-12, current models do not come with the pen. You have to buy it separately.

Typecover Keyboard

I do not recommend the typecover keyboard.

Surface Pro typecover keyboard
Surface Pro typecover keyboard

It's a bluetooth keyboard with trackpad. It has magnet snap on. No backlight.

It works ok, and also works as a cover protector.

because it also works as a cover, it's not really a good keyboard. Casual typing in a cafe, yes. But at home or office, you rather want a real keyboard.

also, it's flimsy. When you use the tablet as a tablet, you have to either detach the keyboard by pulling it off (and find somewhere to put it down), or, you have to flip it to the back side. When it's on the backside, it's rather annoying, and ads weight to the tablet. Both ways are annoying. I find myself simply detach it and never use it.

Currently, it's selling at about $100. That's too much.

For that price, you can get a nice compact keyboard with mechanical keys, if you really type a lot.

[see PC Keyboard Reviews ⌨]

Surface Pro 4 Manual


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