Wikipedia Morons, 2005

By Xah Lee. Date:

One is tired of the army of wiki morons. The nature of wikipedia is that, professionals usually refrain from contributing to the area of their expertise. Why? First of all, it would low down their status. A respected expert is not going to “contribute” to a avant-garde “encyclopedia”, for, they have written books and are paid to write. Writing for wiki certainly don't fit their professionalism.

But secondly, and most importantly, the army of wikipedic morons is there to fight whatever insight or serious info professionals may contribute. These wiki morons, mostly consists of students, slackers, computing geeks… don't have nothing to do everyday, and self-smug with a smattering of knowledge, think themselves as holder of justice et al, with full-fledged wiki-rule this and npov that (and half of them openly have their Open Source ideology to sell), will blow away or faak up any expert's contribution in no time, even for subjects that are not controversial.

In a sense, this is unavoidable and a weakness of wikipedia, despite wikipedia's tremendous usefulness and the overall quality. Wikipedia by itself is a massive info, of which, its utility and general benefit to human animals is far beyond any other commercial and professional encyclopedia out there. However, when it comes to deep academic subjects or when depth or seriousness are exam'd, wikipedia is a laughing stock.

I'm writing this for whoever may be reading my talk page. I do so despise the wikipedian faakheads, though rather nameless.

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