Lispers and Wikipedia, 2007

By Xah Lee. Date:

[The following is posted to comp.lang.lisp newsgroup in a thread's tangent discussion on contributing to Wikipedia]

Please people, by all means, add and edit to Wikipedia lisp related info!

I've been reading and editing Wikipedia like for 2 to 8 hours every damn day since about 2003-11. (mostly just reading in the past year) My website has over 3786 Links To Wikipedia, and i basically read every article i've linked to. For each article i have linked, there are about 10 more articles i've read.

I read encyclopedias with greed like a leech sucking on blood since ~1992. And i can tell you, with my life's saving on the table, that Wikipedia today as it is in terms of quality and quantity, in depth and in breadth, and all things considered, is FAR beyond any 10 professional encyclopedias and or specialized encyclopedias and references and compendiums and annals COMBINED! (this includes, for example, Encyclopedia Britannica, and any specialized math encyclopedia or computing encyclopedia) (take a minute to ponder the gravity of this claim. And, if you like, try to spend few hours verify it) (i'd write more detail to back up this claim but that's be adding another thousand words to this already long post.)

And when i read computing related articles in Wikipedia, i see Perl this and Python that and Ruby this and Java that and how versatile they are faaking shiit everywhere inappropriately, but which you can't touch because anytime you try to correct, the matherfaakers that are these (innocently or otherwise) ignorant yet fanatical tech geekers ARMY of them revert it back. While, in places i see where lisp info is appropriate, it's not there! And on occasion in recent months i mentioned particular pages in lisp or scheme groups, these faaking aloof shiitheads think they all above it and do nothing. (especially the Schemers. faak them. Die!)

Although personally i too have gripes and political issues with Wikipedia, or some of its policies, and sour grape syndrome on how it should be or should not be, but overall i have the highest esteem for Wikipedia, and Wikipedia considered in social framework in my opinion is changing the world in a global scale, far more powerful than any organized religion or political group (such as the George Bush matherfaaker). If a calamity by Zeus is to fall upon this earth and wipe out all websites for good except one, that one should be Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is not only the supreme force in changing us human animal's social structure and outlook, it is also leading many good technology in many ways. For example, it is a prime (and perhaps effectively the ONLY) force in pushing svg, ogg formats, and due to Wikipedia's immense popularity, its force is so powerful in a practical way that even the combined commercial mega corporations with their proprietary formats will fear (you name it: Apple's music/video formats, Microsoft's, Adobe's PDF and Flash stuff etc). (Note: i'm not against proprietary formats.) And, it is just about the ONLY high-trafficked website that produces valid HTML. Imagine that, folks. (in various language and tech groups, such as Python, Perl, lisp etc all claim superiority, but one look at the HTML docs they produced, all are matherfaaking invalid HTML with errors lighting up like a Xmas tree.) (Wikipedia's traffic is ranked within top 10 or so in for the past 2 or more years. (my website is ranked ~80k and every single 3400+ HTML pages on my website is correct (aka valid) HTML too))

Sure, Wikipedia is getting big now and fat, with big power, but let's not all be too tech geeking cynical about corruption. FSF and Open Source is pretty big now like a juggernaut too. (In fact, you can consider Wikipedia as rather a _direct_ product of FSF's ideals. (further, i'd argue that the primary force of FSF, lies in its GPL, and the power that drove GPL, is its cruel, unforgiving, “faak you” nature of its “fight fire with fire” aspect, eagerly operated and cultivated by the cruel, unforgiving, aggressive, males (mostly young) specie of the human animals society.))

So, lispers, go read and edit Wikipedia! You don't have to devote your precious time and knowledge to do edit-wars with Perl or Python army of morons on board, but when at leisure or chance upon, do try to correct or add info as you see fit.

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