Unix, Security, and FTP

By Xah Lee. Date:

Some unix moron said:

Xah, WTF is your question or are you just trolling (again)?

Look, faakheads in the IT industry. I'm really faaking tired of your faaking lies and moronicities and asshole aggression.

It is faaking very offensive and insulting, that many of you faaking people not faaking knowing what you are talking about, but insist and throw your righteousness faaking shit feelers.

By the way dear Randal Schwartz, no need to resort to underhand activities to disclose my chat ids. They are on my website personal page for long.

for those who may be swayed by the asshole behaviors of unix admin faakheads on this list. Here's some i hope clarification of the situation.

FTP is a file transferring protocol that sends passwords in clear text. That means, any no-brainer hacker on the network can learn user's login password. This situation is similar to telnet. Telnet itself has been phased out almost completely since about ~2000 by ssh. (which is a incompetence comparable to any hole Microsoft possibly ever had at the time) So today, almost every server you'll find run ssh service instead of telnet. However, FTP is still used UBIQUITOUSLY, instead of the secure counterpart SFTP. (sftp here means the SSH File Transfer Protocol, not Simple File Transfer Protocol or FTP tunneling thru SSH.)

From my experience, most web hosting companies (that hosts on unix) tout their use of ssh for security reasons as if there is no tomorrow, yet they all meanwhile run ftp along side on public network, like a faaking mum joke.

This is the same with Apple as i have just realized. Look at Apple's Server Admin app. You'll see this app has FTP widget built-into the GUI along with other protocol services such as HTTP, DNS, AFP, SAMBA…, but no SFTP. Nor is SFTP mentioned in Apple's official OS X server doc on file serving.

(a similar situation exists for emails. Vast majority of unix email servers (POP3) are setup with no encryption of passwords, and many if not most are to the same server serving SSH.)

With all the faaking greatness of SECURITY of unix… what a faaking lie it is.

Note: I do not hold grudge toward any particular one on this list. (however, unix faakheads on mailing lists has done me personal harm before) I do not like to be banned from this list. However, complaint to ban me if you like.

Mac OS X 10.4 Server Admin Screen
a screenshot of Mac OS X Server 10.4's Server Admin program. Note FTP as part of the service set.