Python Surpassed Perl In Popularity

By Xah Lee. Date:

Herald: Python surpasses Perl in popularity!

According to “TIOBE Programming Community Index for November 2008” at [] , it seems that Python has surpassed Perl in popularity this month!

Good for Python!

From my own personal experience in the programing industry, i find it questionable that Python actually surpassed Perl in terms of use in companies. Python is used in, Google, as everybody knows, but where else? Perl is used in, umm, about every company except Google (and probably Google too! in fact).

A quick search in, i find that perl returns 2673 results, and Python returns 879 results. Perlers, you still safe!

Looking at other lang popularity site: [ ] , it indicates that perl is still ahead by a bit.

So, i think it's not all peaches and cream for Python yet.

However, am pretty sure it'll be so in the next couple of years.

btw, for those perlers who wishes to learn Python, see: Python Tutorial .

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