Share File from Android to Mac via BlueTooth

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Here is how to transfer file from android phone to Mac, via bluetooth.

Lets say you want to transfer photo on your phone to Mac.

First you need to setup Mac to accept bluetooth file sharing.

Setup Mac for Bluetooth File Sharing

On the Mac, turn on bluetooth.

Mac system pref 2019-01-27 37zzf
Mac system pref 2019-01-27
Mac bluetooth pref 2019-01-27 pr38p
Mac bluetooth pref 2019-01-27

On the Mac, turn on bluetooth file sharing.

Mac bluetooth pref 2019-01-27 c8st3
Mac bluetooth pref 2019-01-27

Setup Android Phone to Transfer File via Bluetooth

On the phone, turn on bluetooth.

  1. Slide down from the top of phone.
  2. then touch the downward wedge.
  3. then slide to the left to see next page.
  4. Bluetooth icon should shown up. Touch it to toggle on/off.
android bluetooth 2019-01-28 z8w45
Android bluetooth

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