Emacs: eshell

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eshell is similar in purpose to unix's bash, but used inside emacs.

eshell is written entirely in elisp.

eshell supports most basic bash commands such as {cd, ls, cp, mkdir}.

One major advantage of eshell is that you can run basic linux commands in Microsoft Windows, without installing unix software. Also, eshell is much faster to start.

Alt+x eshell to start it.

screenshot 20210828154913 hVQyT
emacs Alt+x eshell

Advantages of Eshell Over a Regular Shell

[From NikkiA at reddit]

eshell Documentation

Alt+x info, then click on eshell.

emacs eshell 2021-03-24
emacs eshell 2021-03-24

Eshell is written by John Wiegley [http://newartisans.com/] . Thank you John.

How to set environment variable for just within eshell?

Emacs: Environment Variables in Emacs

eshell Pains

Emacs: eshell pains

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