Emacs Screen, Dan Lentz

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emacs screenshot Dan Lentz 2014-03-12
[Dan Lentz https://plus.google.com/+danlentz/posts]'s emacs screen. [image source https://plus.google.com/+danlentz/posts/aLyJEnpDxEc]

Dan is a Common Lisp and Clojure lisp programer. You can see in his screen, full of Clojure code. His github is at https://github.com/danlentz

if you have a question to ask Dan, post at his Google Plus discussion at https://plus.google.com/+danlentz/posts/aLyJEnpDxEc

also note, Dan uses lots windows (aka “emacs frames”), instead of multiple split panes (aka “emacs window”). This is similar to my style, in contrast to many emacs diehards.

here comes Xah's edict:

Multiple windows is superior than one max window with multiple split panes. Don't let a minority of loud hardcore emacs corrupt you into something technically inferior and require much more learning.

Windows is easier to control, and can be controlled by OS in many ways by default. Size, position, number, new/close, switch, etc. With independent windows, you change at will, on whim.

With max screen split panes, they become one concrete slab. Hard to control size, position, number of panes, their precise split, and grouping.

Emacs Screen