Emacs: Xah Fly Keys, Frequently Asked Questions

By Xah Lee. Date: .

How does it compare to ergoemacs-mode?

ergoemacs-mode remaps the most frequently used emacs commands to use Alt+key, with key choice based on frequency of command call.

ergoemacs-mode is part of FSF GNU Emacs, in ELPA repository. (but you should probably download the version from MELPA, because it's usually more up-to-date.)

If you don't like modal ways, I recommend ergoemacs-mode.

https://ergoemacs.github.io/ (ergoemacs-mode is lead by Matthew Fidler.)

How does it compare with evil-mode?

evil-mode lets you use vim keys in emacs. It has large number of users, and with the advantage that you'll be fluent in both emacs and vim.


How long does it take to learn Xah Fly Keys?

It'll take the same amount of time if learning vi for the first time.

If you practice one hour per day, about a month to be fluent.

Does Xah Fly Keys work in terminal?

YES. Extra effort went to make sure, it works in text terminal, and 100%.

Are the keys hard to remember?

How to setup Xah Fly Keys in doom emacs