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This is a example-based tutorial on Java the language.

This tutorial does not use jargons and metaphors nor discuss software engineering methodologies (⁖ programing patterns). This tutorial also avoids computer science perspective ⁖ {memory allocation, garbage collection, stacks, pointers/references}.

If you are a programer familiar with a high-level languages such as { JavaScript, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP }, you'll find this tutorial clear and easy to understand.

The code here are tested with Java 1.5.0.

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Java Tutorial: Install Java

Java Basics

… what society overwhelmingly asks for is snake oil. Of course, the snake oil has the most impressive names — otherwise you would be selling nothing — like “Structured Analysis and Design”, “Software Engineering”, “Maturity Models”, “Management Information Systems”, “Integrated Project Support Environments” “Object Orientation” and “Business Process Re-engineering” (the latter three being known as IPSE, OO and BPR, respectively). — Edsger W Dijkstra (1930 – 2002), in EWD 1175: The strengths of the academic enterprise.

Spend 30 minutes on each item per day, in order. After a month, you'll be a self-sustaining Java programer.

First, read this: What are OOP's Jargons & Complexities? It gives a concrete overview of what Object Oriented Programing means.

Basic Syntax & Types

Class & Inheritance

Abstract class, Interface, Packages



Java Platform Standard Edition 8 Documentation

(The Java documentation are mirrored here by Oracle Technology Network Java Java SE Terms License)

Note: Java is a trademark of Oracle. The Java image on this page is not the official Java logo.