Java Tutorial

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This Java tutorial is for beginners, example based. Spend 30 minutes on each item per day, in order. After a month, you'll be a self-sustaining Java programer.

The code here are tested with Java 1.8.0.

  1. Java: Install Java
  2. Java Shell Commands: javac java jar javadoc

Java Basics

  1. Java: Print String
  2. Java: Strings in Java
  3. Java: The Power Function
  4. Java Types and Type Conversion (Casting)
  5. Java: Defining a Function
  6. Java: Arrays

Class, Inheritance

  1. Java: The “extends” Keyword
  2. Java: Constructor
  3. Java Constructor's Return Type
  4. Java: Extending a Class that has Explicit Constructors
  5. Java: “static” Keyword
  6. Java: “this” Keyword
  7. Java: the “super” Keyword
  8. Java: Access Specifiers

Abstract class, Interface

  1. The “abstract” Keyword in Java
  2. What's Interface in Java?


  1. Java: Package


  1. Java: Collection, Map
  2. Java: Read/Write File
  3. Java: Convert File Encoding
  4. Complex Numbers in Java
  5. Java: Unicode in Java
  6. Java: Number Literals

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