Xah's Java Logo

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Here is a logo i designed for the Java language. 〔➤ Xah Java Tutorial

xah java logo
Xah's Java Logo (svg version)

The image is copyright © 2008 by Xah Lee. I hereby grant anyone to use this logo, provided that the source is acknowledged. (If you use the image, you probably also want to make a statement like the following for legal reasons.)

xah java logo 1
Xah Java logo (png version)

Note: Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc. The Java image on this page is NOT the Sun Microsystems's Java logo, and is not endorsed or connected with Sun Microsystems in any way.

Official Java Logos

For comparison, here are the official Java logos.

logo java2
The official Java logo, 1996 〜 2003.
Java logo new
Java logo, used in 2003-06 to now. img src

The new logo simplified the original design to a few solid strokes, perhaps to reduce the associated complexity of Java.

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