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a fast way to activate/deactivate JavaScript in Firefox: install web-developer addon, then just press ▤ Menu e d s d

SVG Path Tutorial

SVG: Basic Examples (updated)

Google AdSense async JavaScript Code

Google Declined to Fix HTML Injection in Gmail, WTF?

a very good story about Google. This guy, reported to Google about a GMail security problem. That is, it failed to escape HTML. And Google engineers replied saying it's not a critical problem and doesn't even fix it, until the guy said he's going to publish it.

Why you should not trust emails sent from Google: HTML injection in mails sent from Google Scholar By Tom Van Goethem. At http://vagosec.org/2013/09/google-scholar-email-html-injection/

Disable Flash, now❗ How to Disable JavaScript, Flash, Java in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Social Network Voting Systems and Their Consequences

How to Create and Update a Website Logo (Favicon) (minor update)

Phone and Tablet Screen Density Comparison (updated)

CSS: Length Units Real basics. New page.

Hacker News Traffic Effect