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Dot Notation vs Bracket Notation (updated)

apparently, the delete operator in JavaScript can now delete global objects, regardless it's declared with var or not. Example:

var xx = 3;
delete xx;
console.log(xx);      // gone

yy = 4;
delete yy;
console.log(yy);      // gone

this is in contrast to what David Flanagan says in his book. [see JavaScript Book by David Flanagan]

above is tested in Google Chrome and Firefox and node.js as of 2013-10-30

Source Code Encoding (updated)

JavaScript is Scheme Lisp on drugs.

Q: JavaScript string isn't a object, but how can it have methods then? A: the bastardation of programing idiots.

all you ever wanted to know. Regex Functions

I wish to bring you the most concise, and accurate, JavaScript tutorial. JavaScript Basics by Example (major update)

String.prototype (much update)

Opera Browser Can't Load Twitter CSS: OCSP Error

Google Evil

here's another example how Google is becoming evil ass.

now, Google Plus will tell you things like “be the first to comment and plus one”.

what's wrong with that? it is a message towards brainless consumerism, just like all the annoying marketing stuff. It is what creates the so many great ills of American life.

Google, in their beginning, wasn't like this. But now, everything about Google is like this. Another good example is Google Doodle. when done occasionally, it's fun, creative, and also helps the company to market itself, in a good natured way, as a cute girl being cute naturally. But now, Google doodle is doodling in every conceivable opportunity, and multi-faceted, catered to every country. (it has a version for USA, UK, China, etc, for every holiday or the country's events. See: [ List of Google Doodles in 2013 ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Google_Doodles_in_2013 ]) (not to mention the hundred thousand Google products all push marketing like that) That would be like a trollop with gaudy makeup and skimpy outfit, just in case you didn't notice what she sells.

Google, since its beginning in late 1990s, has become so successful. From a company know by people, us, as a don't be evil company. It's a wonder. Is it true that powerful always becomes evil? Compared to many large companies, i think Google is not too bad, but certainly isn't what it used to be.

See also: Google Evil

reshash some old articles, related to screen size and design.

Google's Blogger Comment Linked to Google Plus

if you use Google's Blogger, it offers a unified comment linked to your Google Plus. However, there's a sinister aspect. If you turn it on, people who don't have Google Plus account won't be able to comment.

this is where Google is evil.

jwz wrote a rant against today's web design.

[Mobile web design: The reign of morons, indeed. By jwz. At http://www.jwz.org/blog/2013/10/mobile-web-design-the-reign-of-morons-indeed/#comment-135382 , accessed on 2013-10-06 ]

here's my comment.

web designers have always been idiots, since 1990s. The fashion and design mantra kept changing.

flash, animation, popup, used to be hated, but today is embraced and can't be turned off. If one turns off JavaScript, many sites today show blank page.

and, i can't help but think part of this is being the consequence of open source ideology (or related, such as “info wants to be free”). How are content creator make money while every joe can copy and refry and post again with ads? and, lots coders use ad blockers. Venerable mag such as time mag now becomes gossip and celebrity photo gallery too, just like every other site.

and, to get back to some hacker spirit, you, jwz, my friend, can't help but putting Google Plus facebook buttons on your site, and with a black background that's a visual shock even the ars technica and lots geeks have stopped doing.

PS sadly, he seems to have censored it.