Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2014-11

Class Attribute: Determine the Kind of Object (updated)

this showcase all the complexities of JavaScript. JavaScript: Array-Like Object to Array (updated)

JavaScript what's the max array index? 2^32-1 ? wrong❗ Understand JS Array

JS: The non-standard __proto__ property seems to be in ES6, and is here to stay. Updated: Get/Set Prototype

Object Overview (updated)

Object Tutorial (major update)

JavaScript Basics (minor update)

Array Tutorial (minor update)

Array.prototype.map (minor update)

How to Run JavaScript (new. on its own page)

Douglas Crockford on JavaScript using this 2015-02-05
Douglas Crockford on using JavaScript this.

webm video format is getting popular. HTML Video Tag (updated)

What Language Does Google Facebook Twitter Paypal Wikipedia etc Use? (minor update)

Google Chrome Browser Special URL

Firefox still doesn't support ruby annotation. HTML: Ruby Tag

How to Delete Flash Cookies (minor update)

Programing Jargon: Synchronous, Asynchronous