JS: Find Object's Prototype

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You can use the following ways to find a object's parent, or check if a object is in another's prototype chain.


Return the object's parent object.

[see JS: Object.getPrototypeOf]

Reflect.getPrototypeOf, (ES2015)

Return the object's parent object.

[see JS: Reflect.getPrototypeOf]

Value Property __proto__, (ES2015)

Value is the parent object.

let myArray = [4,6];
console.log( Object.getPrototypeOf (myArray)  === myArray.__proto__ ); // true

ECMAScript® 2016 Language Specification#sec-additional-properties-of-the-object.prototype-object


Return true if object is in prototype chain of another object.

[see JS: Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf]

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