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Encode URL, Escape String (updated)

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Template String

internet usage day cycle map 000

Global Internet Usage Hour Pattern. Guess when is internet most busy in usa, and when in china. local time.

JavaScript wuwu quiz

// quiz. figure out what does this code do
// 2015-10-29

function foo() {
    var eleName = document.getElementById("x79177");
        (function(le) {
            return function(f) {
                return f(f);
            } (function(f) {
                return le(
                    function(x) { return (f(f))(x); }
        }) (function (givenGetDepth) {
            return function (element) {
                return (element === null) ? 0 : givenGetDepth(element.parentNode) + 1;
        }) (document.getElementById(eleName))


Property Key "prototype" (new page)

undefined (new page)

null (new page.)

is xml dead related search 2015-10-17
is XML dead?

On a different note, [ James Clark (programmer) ] [ 2015-10-17 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Clark_%28programmer%29 ], the top expert of XML, his last blog entry is 5 years ago http://blog.jclark.com/

XML and XHTML is a sad story. Excellent tech, but blown up by enterprise. Now we have the HTML5 soup, back to the roots of random soup.

web design gray text on white Joe Arms Erlang 2015-10-16
can you read the grey text?

another gray on white. This one from the inventor of erlang language. Web Design: Grey Text on White Background

Buy JavaScript in Depth. New version is out.

This is early stage of selling my tutorial. If you enjoyed it, please help me spread the word. Leave a comment at JavaScript in Depth. Thanks.

major re-organization of the js+dom table of contents page. JavaScript: DOM Scripting Tutorial

v8 comilation quirk: char count

these 2 JavaScript code, one is twice as slow, because its comment has a few 4 more chars.

[#NodeJS : A quick optimization advice By Jefferson Rafael K. At https://medium.com/@c2c/nodejs-a-quick-optimization-advice-7353b820c92e , accessed on 2015-10-09 ]

web dev, frontend, backend

upgrade to latest node.js (v4.x), then you'll have latest es6 support as Google Chrome browser.

write once, run anywhere. —JavaScript

JavaScript Books Review 2018