Disable Capslock, Windows Key

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[see AutoHotkey Tutorial]

For a easy solution without code, use Microsoft PowerToys

Disable Caps Lock, Number Lock, Scroll Lock

; set the default state of the lock keys
SetCapsLockState, off
SetNumLockState, on
SetScrollLockState, off

; disable them
; make Caps Lock key do Control

[see AutoHotkey Key Syntax]

; make the capslock key behave as menu/AppsKey

The ▤ Menu key is actually very useful. See: Microsoft Keyboard Menu Key .

Disable Windows Logo Key

Disable Win Key Completely

;; disable the Win key completely

Disable Win Key Start Menu Behavior

;; disable Win key behavior of popping up the Start Menu, but don't disable Win+key combination
~LWin Up::Return
~RWin Up::Return

Disable Win+key Combination

;; disable some Win+key combination

Note: the ❖ Window+l (lock computer) cannot be disabled.

Disable F1 Help


Instead of disable keys, it's better to set them to do something useful, such as switching app/window/tab, or copy cut paste.

AutoHotkey Tutorial

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