AutoHotkey: Useful Scripts

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Empty Recycle Bin

; Win+Del to empty recycle bin

Open Recycle Bin

; open recycle bin
$F5::RUN ::{645ff040-5081-101b-9f08-00aa002f954e}

Change Sound Level

; Win+NumpadAdd, increase sound level
#NumpadAdd::Send {Volume_Up 5}

; Win+NumpadSub, decrease sound level
#NumpadSub::Send {Volume_Down 5}

; NumpadEnter key launch sound level panel
#NumpadEnter::Run "C:\Windows\System32\SndVol.exe"

Temporarily Disable AutoHotkey

You have many personal hotkeys. In some situations, you want these hotkeys to be off temporarily. You can create a hotkeyX, so that it'll disable all your hotkeys, and press hotkeyX again to turn all your hotkeys back on. Here's a example:

; make the scroll lock key (ScrLk) toggle all hotkeys.

When hotkeys are suspended, the AutoHotkey icon in your system notification area changes to S.

AutoHotkey Tutorial

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Key Syntax

Useful Scripts