Xah Talk Show 2019-09-28 programing language syntax. why is syntax the most important

programing language syntax. why is syntax the most important. 2019-09-28

Syntax is the most important aspect of a programing language. The quality of a programing language, can be judged by how much of it can be explained by its syntax alone.

what are the things you should know, about designing a โ€œbestโ€ programing language

here's one example of why study of history of math notation is important. because , often, math notations, creates a entire new branch of math, or entire new thought process.

x^2 + 5 == 10
x^2 + 5 -5 == 10 -5
x^2 == 5
sqrt(x^2) == sqrt(5)
x = sqrt(5)

after you have symbolic equation to describe math, then the concept of symbolic manipulation came up. then, after you do that for 100 years, the automatic symbolic manipulation comes up, then, we have formal languages.

'(a b)
(quote a b)

(a . b)
(cons a b)