Ask a Question Scam

By Xah Lee. Date:

got a twitter spam.

@xah_lee Can you tell me why the symmetry groups are labelled p1, p4m, p31m, p3m1 etc? I just can not work it out Thank you in advance

from “@delahunty91”

i actually answered quickly. Then, went to check his tweets, several «I made $350 today ‹cryptic link›».

check out this article! I made $350 today!

check out this article! I made $370 today!

check out this article! I made $350 today!

Clearly spam. Went to one of the site with Firefox JavaScript off and got a spam/malware site warning.

this is a human operated scam. The guy's question came from reading this page Wallpaper groups: The 17 Wallpaper Groups.

He may not be a professional spammer. Might signed up with one of the spam programs to make a few bucks. See: Where Do Spammers Came From.

Why's he asking me question? Of course, ask in a nice way, most people are eager to answer. Then, he's got real interaction with real people. Then, spam detectors get confused.

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