Ban Xah Lee

By Xah Lee. Date:

This page is a short collection of online communities that banned me, in a way that i don't consider just. It illustrates the power struggle nature among the tech geeking males.

Harassment by John Bokma

I was harassed by a newsgroup poster John Bokma (a regular of comp.lang.perl.misc) to have my web hosting service provider kick me off. This happened in 2006.

Summary: I was posting relevant but controversial opinions in a rude manner to “comp.lang.*” newsgroups. I was using Google's newsgroup service to post it, and has nothing to do with my web hosting service provider, other than my signature containing my website or links to relevant articles on my website. However, this guy digs up my web hosting provider, and lobbied people to send complains to kick me off.

Detailed account: and A Incidence of Harassment


My Wikipedia account is banned by Wikipedia admins in ~2008-06 for a month or so.

Summary: i was editing articles on Tibet, Human sacrifice, Dalai Lama, citing info from Chinese historian Li Ao, and was fighting in a non-conformal way with those who revert my edits. They banned me for editing, and subsequently banned me from editing my talk page, and removed the defense i gave on my talk page. (Note: by Wikipedia's nature, its users are often anonymous, including admins.)

The original reason for reverting my edit was that i linked to my own website (which contains the collected videos of Li Ao's program on youtube, with English translation and summary). Subsequently, because i did not behave in a way that seems “polite” to them, and kept on fighting, the reason they cited to ban me was using foul language or spreading propaganda.

For some account of this incident, see bottom of: Why Can't You Be Normal?. The fighting and discussion can be seen on my talk page, at:

xah wikipedia ban delete 2019-12-26 6tv38
The writing where i defended my edit, that got removed from my talk page: Wikipedia User talk:P0lyglut … 2008-07. Local archived copy at:

Freenode IRC Emacs Channel

I'm banned on Freenode's irc emacs channel since about 2006-10, and the ban was never lifted as of 2009-03. The ban is primarily, and single-handedly executed by John Sullivan (aka johnsu01).

Some detail: Freenode IRC Emacs Channel Ban on Xah Lee .

Hacker News

“Hacker News” website, at, banned my website around 2009-02 or earlier.

Someone posted a question about why some sites seem to be banned, titled “Ask PG- What is the list of banned sites and why are they banned”. He asked for reasons or a public list. The URL is at (local archive: Then, someone posted the list of domains/sub-domains that are banned, and it contains my site “”.

No explicit reason is given. It appears to me, my site was banned because one of my essay: Why Software Suck, has been submitted to the site in 2009-02, then in the discussion, someone mentioned i am a troll, then admin placed my site on ban.

Note: i never submitted anything to Hacker News. I did not even have a hacker news account. I just noticed that sometimes my site got submitted by others.

google search hacker news xah
Google search results on Hacker News site, as of . If you go to any of the linked page on, it won't show normal content such as original post or other user's comments, i think this is because being placed on ban list there by someone.

There are other trivial bans that i consider admin abuse. This page lists the more notable ones.