rule of conduct of a 4chan philosopher

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

in hacker discussion, there's one thing i despise the most. If you know something, say it loud, swear, insult, that's all fine. If you don't know something, but insist and put on a air, that is the MOST mother-banana despicable in my book.

i often post random rants and stuff on computing in social networks. The seriousness of it is made plain in the writing style. When in discussion, if you put on a air on something that you are idiotic of, be prepared for my wrath. (and btw, usually one has too go out of his way to invoke that. So, you don't need to worry.)

also, typically my posts are on programing topics but is not a technical issue that has a straight-forward answer. To illustrate, consider the question “how does y work in lang x”. Vast majority of coders knew this for some x. You and i can goto stackoverflow and get 100% satisfaction. But rather, i usually post subject about, syntax design, semantics, idioms, engineering practice. Although the subject matter don't have exact answer, but the discussion quality can be measured thru scientific methods. For example, knowledge of history of the subject, depth of logical analysis, or even creative writing. It is never “my experience is this and thus the world should be this” banana. Example of such are fanatics of the Common Lisper “macro is god banana”, closure rules banana, array index should be 0 banana, emacs keybinding banana, you must swap capslock/control banana, programing idioms banana.

(to properly read this article, replace “banana” by “fuck”)