NeXT Computer Inc

By Xah Lee. Date: .
gki/NeXT logo
NeXT's logo by Paul Rand.

Steve Jobs started Apple Computer Incorporated in 1976, got ousted in 1985, swore back with NeXT Computer Incorporated the next year, struggled to become a dud, dropped its hardware business (1993) and still a dud, then sold it to Apple with a Trojan horse with himself in it (1996), and took over Apple around 1998. Sweet sweet revenge.

The “next” in NeXT signify the future, as in “what's next?”. Note the modern geometrical design of the logo.

Jobs did some major house-cleaning and project cuts amid literal “fuck-you”s from Apple developers and fans, but came out with iMac and a succession of revolutionary computer case designs, besides which made Apple profitable for the first time in years. Jobs now is again the admirable subject of Mac fanatics. (2003-05)

When Steve Jobs started NeXT, it was hyped to be the next big thing; another revolution in computer history. Technically, it was truely a superior machine. Commercially, it was a failure, being extraordinarily expensive. NeXT nevertheless developed a following among tech-geeking community. Today, much of NeXT technologies went into Mac OS X.

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