Apple iMac G3 mouse, 1998

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First iMac, iMac G3, year 1998. This is the first product when Steve Jobs came back to Apple and cleaned house. During the era Apple is bleeding rainbow colors. (dying. Apple's logo was a bitten apple outline with rainbow colored stripes.)

First iMac, iMac G3 “Bondi Blue”, year 1998

The iMac G3 features a mouse with novel design. Nicknamed hockey puck. The overall shape is a perfect circle. The mouse roller ball inside is colored white on one semisphere and “Bondi Blue” on the other hemisphere, and the mouse has a semi-transparent top. When you use the mouse, you can see the ball roll.

imac mouse
first iMac mouse “hockey puck”

Back then, Apple's marketing made ads making fun of color beige, because essentially every computer was beige.

The first colorful computer iMac made a commotion in 1998. A Japanese amateur cartoonist created a popular iMac Girl drawing that obtained overnight popularity. Apple has a cult-like following.

iMac girl, year 1998 by Satoshi Igarashi
This image is wildly popular for many years

iMac and Mac Performa 560

iMac Mac Performa 560 2023-07-23
iMac Mac Performa 560 2023-07-23 [2023-07-23 Photo by Christopher Smith]