NeXT Keyboard

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“I'm changing the world, one keyboard at a time” — Steve Jobs

NeXT Inc, was founded in 1985 by Apple Computer cofounder Steve Jobs, after he was forced out of Apple. In 1997, Apple bought NeXT for $429 million and 1.5 million shares of Apple stock, and Steve Jobs returned to Apple and cleaned house. Sweet sweet revenge.

NeXT Computer keyboard
NeXT non-ADB keyboard. [image source by John Miranda.]

As usual with Steve Jobs, this is a top-notch quality keyboard, with several innovations, or rather, non-standard design.

Note the big Command key and Alternate key.

Note, the caps lock LED is on the Shift key, and the Shift key double as capslock, called AlphaLock.

NeXT Computer keyboard 66682
NeXT Computer keyboard, 1988. [image source ]
NeXT keyboard kTcqz
NeXT keyboard. [image source ]

[2016-10-13 thanks to Jeremiah Junken.]

For more tech detail of the keyboard see [The NeXT Keyboard - R.I.P. Steve Jobs By Ripster. At , accessed on 2016-10-13 ], and

I'm changing the world, one keyboard at a time —Steve Jobs

When I invited Jobs to take some time away from NeXT to speak to a group of students, he sat in the lotus position in front of my fireplace and wowed us for three hours, as if leading a séance. But then I asked him if he would sign my Apple Extended Keyboard. He burst out: “This keyboard represents everything about Apple that I hate. It's a battleship. Why does it have all these keys? Do you use this F1 key? No.” And with his car keys he pried it right off. “How about this F2 key?” Off they all went. “I'm changing the world, one keyboard at a time,” he concluded in a calmer voice.

[Steve Jurvetson on Steve Jobs By Steve Jurvetson. At , accessed on 2012-11-18 ]

NeXT Cube

NeXT Cube computer
“NeXT Cube” [image source by John Miranda.]

NeXTstation Turbo (Pizza Box)

NeXT station turbo front 13244
NeXTstation Turbo. [image source ]
NeXT station turbo 43rds
NeXTstation Turbo. [image source ]
NeXT adb keyboard 87366
NeXT adb keyboard [image source ]

A very nice innovation of this version of NeXT keyboard is that the command key becomes a long bar below the space bar.

But also, notice the 2 big Help buttons. Two big Help squatting in front yard? I don't think so.

The Power key, isn't well placed. When people want to adjust sound volume, it could easily accidentally hit Power. Unless, it requires extra force to depress.

Apple Pippin NeXT keyboard 62215
Apple Keyboard II M0487, 1990Apple Bandai Pippin ControllerNeXT Keyboard [image source ]
NeXT keyboard Japan bd8st
NeXT keyboard Japan [image source]
NeXT adb mouse 37064
NeXT adb mouse [image source ]